Published: 14/02/2012 13:41 - Updated: 14/02/2012 13:56

Walker the polar bear has a mystery admirer

Walker with his special card
Walker with his special card

Walker the polar bear may have missed out on a companion at the end of last year - but it appears he still has an admirer.

He received a secret love token from an unknown Arctic Valentine earlier today.

The bachelor bear was spoilt with a hand-crafted love heart scented with a few of his preferred treats. 

At the end of last year Walker’s keepers at the Highland Wildlife Park by Kincraig had hoped they’d found the three year old polar bear a future mate.

But she was found to be pregnant - good news for the polar bear population but not so great for Walker.

It’s hoped a suitable match will have been made before the end of 2012. 

Mr Douglas Richardson, Animal Collection Manager at the Highland Wildlife Park, said: “He is three years old now, but won’t be fully mature for another two or three years, and we hope to get him settled with a female of a similar age as soon as we can. 

"Because Rhenen Zoo, where he was born, has been so successful in breeding and rearing polar bears, quite a few of the available females around Europe are rather too closely related to him, and so he is not spoilt for choice."

So for now the popular bear will have to make do with the love of his keepers, park staff and fans across Scotland and the UK.
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