Published: 11/10/2017 23:29 - Updated: 11/10/2017 23:46

Highland businesses welcome rural fund announcement


FSB spokesman David Richardson


The Scottish Government’s announcement of plans for a £6 million Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund has been welcomed by business leaders in the Highlands.

David Richardson, the Federation of Small Business’ development manager in the Highlands and Islands, said today (Wednesday, October 11):

"FSB has been making the case to MSPs and councils for more investment in essential tourism infrastructure for a long time now.

"It is gratifying to see this campaign work pay off.

"Too many of our most beautiful Highland places have inadequate local facilities.

"While £6 million over two years is not a vast amount of money, we would expect that if there’s substantial demand, the Fund could be topped up.

"Moreover, this move should only be the start. If we are to maximise the benefits of national and international tourism, our local places will require sustained investment well into the future."

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