Published: 29/06/2012 10:23 - Updated: 29/06/2012 12:27

Health advice for T in the Park revellers

T in the Park revellers get health advice
T in the Park revellers get health advice

Scotland's national telehealth organisation is urging music lovers in the Highlands going to T in the Park to be prepared to look after their health.

NHS 24 is advising the musical festival goers to be prepared by taking a few essential items in case they become unwell.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks said: “Summer festivals are great places to meet people and enjoy music with friends but it is a good idea to pack a few small items to deal with any minor illnesses or ailments.

“Take some over-the-counter medication with you for stomach upsets or diarrhoea and remember antiseptic cream is good for bites, stings and cuts. It is also important to have sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and antiseptic hand gel is always handy to have at outdoor events.”

He added: “Plan ahead and take some condoms with you to protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Also tampons, wet wipes and hay fever medication will always come in handy over the weekend. And don’t forget to take your asthma inhaler or any prescription medicine you need with you.

“I would encourage anyone planning to attend a festival this summer to prepare ahead and visit for health advice and information. By taking simple steps, you can help minimise or even prevent minor health problems from ruining your weekend.”

NHS inform, which can also be accessed through the national health information helpline on 0800 22 44 88, features a wealth of information including advice on travelling away from home and guidance on what a basic first aid kit should contain.

The online health library is packed with information about common illnesses, treatments and health services, including information on dehydration, its symptoms and advice on how to prevent this.

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