Published: 07/03/2018 09:15 - Updated: 07/03/2018 09:24

First sight of new polar bear cub at Highland Wildlife Park


Proud mum Victoria with the new arrival
Proud mum Victoria with the new arrival


The first polar bear cub to be born in the UK for 25 years has emerged at the Highland Wildlife Park by Kincraig.

Previously, the birth had only been confirmed by high-pitched noises heard from the maternity den.

Now the cub’s first venture into the outside world has been caught on cameras installed by STV Productions during a two-year exclusive project to document the breeding and birth of the cub.

The cub was born in the week before Christmas, with mum Victoria having mated with Arktos, one of two male polar bears at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland owned park.

Victoria and her cub’s enclosure will remain closed to the public until late March to ensure privacy.

Arktos can still be viewed in the enclosure he shares with Walker, the park’s other male.

Una Richardson, head keeper responsible for carnivores, said: "Victoria had started to come outside by herself for short periods to eat, drink and roll around in the snow, so we knew her cub would soon follow her but we couldn’t be sure when.

"I was visiting Victoria on Sunday morning to check she had fresh water and to continue slowly reintroducing food to her diet, after four months during which she lived solely off the fat reserves she built up before she entered her den.

"Suddenly I saw a small, fluffy bundle next to her and had to pinch myself to check I wasn’t seeing things. It was a very special experience and one I’ll never forget.

"We also have motion-sensitive cameras safely positioned near Victoria’s den and we were delighted to see we had captured her cub’s first few steps outside."

The cameras have been positioned outside the female polar bear’s den since early February, giving unprecedented access for a forthcoming documentary, made for Channel 4 by STV Productions, about the park’s pioneering polar bear breeding programme.

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