Published: 09/08/2012 12:11 - Updated: 09/08/2012 12:22

Carrbridge attraction set to unveil incredible shrinking chair!

Charlotte Anderson (14) shows John Girvan that kids rule (Fergus Thom)
Charlotte Anderson (14) shows John Girvan that kids rule (Fergus Thom)

Naughty parents can be brought down to size by their kids from now on, thanks to Carrbridge’s Landmark Forest Adventure Park.

Their latest attraction – the Shrinking Chair – magically transforms big people into little people, while making the small ones beside it walk tall.

It will be unveiled next Thursday (August 16) surprisingly, minus a seat-belt, with journeys at the popular park about to get even more seriously weird.

Over the next two years, more exhibits will be added as "WeirdWood" takes shape, emerging into a wacky world where "nothing is ordinary, everything is slightly curious".

Landmark Forest Adventure’s manager, Danny Fullerton, said: "When complete, WeirdWood will be like an outdoor extension of our ‘Bamboozeleum’ exhibition, with its array of puzzles, illusions and mind-boggling effects.

"WeirdWood will be another unusual attraction for visitors of all ages to explore and enjoy."

The park is latching on to the ever-growing trend of multi-generational holidays.

Mr Fullerton said: "They’ve never been more popular.

"Recent research has suggested that 44 per cent of adults who already take them are doing so more often than they did five years ago and nearly a third of grandparents go away with members of their wider family much more often than previously."

He added: "It’s fantastic to see so many UK families embracing multi-generational holidays as a way to bond."

You might say they’re sitting pretty – thanks to psychologist Jean Beuchet who in 1963 realised that two separate parts could be seen as belonging together, with some really weird results!

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