Published: 04/04/2012 16:14 - Updated: 06/04/2012 21:19

Belgium walkers recovering after being stranded in Cairngorms

Visitors from Belgium were caught out on Ben Macdui
Visitors from Belgium were caught out on Ben Macdui

Nine Belgian walkers who got caught out by blizzards in the Cairngorms are said to be none the worse for their ordeal. 

A major search-and-rescue team was launched at 10am on Tuesday after the group become stranded on Ben Macdui.

They had been planning to spend the night outdoors but as the conditions worsened throughout the day, they had to contact a friend for help.

The group said they realised that they would not be able to make it back down the mountain on their own.

Six of the group were under 16 years old which had heightened fears for their safety.

Grampian Police Chief Inspector Andy Todd said: “We were concerned for their welfare, especially the teenagers, and the risk of hypothermia if they were not moving.

"It was extremely urgent to get to them. We were moving at half-a-mile an hour so we had to ask the Royal Navy helicopter for assistance.”

The group knew exactly where they were which made the rescue operation easier despite the atrocious conditions.

It meant that the rescue team of 25 members from Aberdeen and Braemar could make their way directly to them on Scotland's second highest peak. 

Rescuers said that all nine members of the party are well and no one required hospital treatment.

Chief Insp Todd said everyone was in “good spirits” and had been thankful for the help from the Royal Navy.

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