Strasbourg earns its place as a centre of Europe

The European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

It is known as one of the two homes of the European Parliament, but travel writer Ron Smith finds Strasbourg in France steeped in fascinating history, with must-see sights and offering a tempting taste for quality food and drink .....

We're missing out on Swiss delights

Published: Fri 17 Oct 2014

Historic fountain in Luzern.

LUZERN, in Central Switzerland, welcomes millions of visitors every year, with good reason. About half of the tourists are Swiss, who come for day trips, and then there are many bus parties touring and listing Luzern as a must, who stop for a day. Only 5% of the tourists come from the UK - we are missing out.

Arnhem and a bridge too far

Published: Tue 09 Sep 2014


ARNHEM is indelibly marked by the battle in World War 2 to secure the bridge over the lower Rhine. The complete story of this would take more than this article to tell.

Town that lays claim to be seaside of Paris

Published: Wed 06 Aug 2014

Le Touquet

I WANTED to see Le Touquet. It is on the French Channel coast, 2 hours from Paris and 3 hours from London. Between the wars it was THE place to go and be seen, very Hercule Poirot.

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