On the trail of Richard the Lionheart

Published: Mon 05 Oct 2015

The breathtaking Melk Abbey.

WE DON'T tend to hear much about Austria, it is seldom in the news or rarely features in holiday programmes, but hidden Austria has a great deal to discover, not least a fascinating link to Richard the Lionheart, says travel writer Ron Smith.....

So much to wonder at in Israel

Published: Tue 08 Sep 2015

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem with a bar mitzvahs taking place.

Israel is a land of contrasts but that's what makes it ever more fascinating, as travel writer Ron Smith found out ........

Gdansk - the pearl of the Baltic.

Published: Tue 18 Aug 2015

Clock Tower ... another landmark of Gdansk

Award-winning travel writer Ron Smith ventures into Poland for the first time, to the city of Gdansk, a trip well worth making ......

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